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Fix Water Damage First When a Frozen Pipe Bursts


Of all the disasters that can happen in your home there is none worse and more difficult to deal with than a frozen pipe that has burst. This typically happens when you are away on a winter vacation and the furnace decides to stop working. After the initial panic wears off, the first thing you should do is fix the water damage the frozen pipe has caused.

Frozen pipe water damage can turn into a big mold problem if it is not taken care of immediately and correctly. Repairing the furnace is critically important; however, how fast you fix the water damage is critical to your health and future structure stability of your home.

The water damage the frozen pipe caused can lead to is a silent enemy that can quickly lead to micro organism that can grow in as little as 24-hours. Bacteria and mold spores multiply very fast and penetrate cracks and crevices where they thrive causing respiratory ailments, sneezing, headaches and vomiting.

Water damage that seeps into flooring and drywall causes moisture pockets that will rot the wood between walls and floors. Not only will black mold grow but the fibers of the wood material will decay very slowly causing huge problems that aren’t apparent to the eye. Eventually, they will need expensive replacement down the road.

Thorough drying of the water damaged areas, as well as quickly cleaning porous materials like carpeting, drywall, and subflooring, will minimize and possibly prevent a mold or mildew problem. If the frozen burst pipe causes a backed up sewer or septic system, an antiseptic solutions may need to be applied to fix water damage areas.

The best solution for frozen pipe burst clean up is to hire an experienced and trusted water damage company like Dalton Brothers Restoration and Cleaning Services. Our technicians know how to restore area of water damage from wet carpet, wet hardwood floors, walls, flooded basement water damage, crawl space and flood damage.

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