Remodeling and Repairs home/businsess

We would love to help improve your home through a customized remodeling project.  Whether you want to update a kitchen or bath, frame out/ finish your basement, or build an addition, our team will consult with you on materials choices and other details in the design process.




You can transform your home or business into a remarkable space unlike anybody else’s. Manufacturers and designers have seen it all, and the end result is that you can have all the amenities you want and need, even in a tiny kitchen, bath or basement.
 Savvy, space-saving products are available for the owner of the apartment-size condo, co-op, or townhouse. You’ll find that convenience doesn’t have to come only in the large sized kitchens, baths and basements anymore.
To create a distinctive unique space that fits your wants and needs, your first move is to have one of our designers come out to  look at your kitchen with an eye to what design, wall color and balance work for you and your taste.  Pretty much anything you dream up can be executed with the help of a talented, creative designer and quality craftsman that care about the fine details of their work. It’s up to you!
Whether your space is large or small, and whether the end result you want is pretty or pretty wild, Dalton Brothers Restoration can help you achieve your new dream !
Dalton Brothers Restoration also specializes in small, medium and large repairs to siding, windows, trim, drywall, flooring, doors, and insulation.