Water Damaged Ceiling

Water Damaged Ceiling help Kansas City

Ceiling Water DamageRepairing ceiling water damage, whether it’s the results of a broken pipe or torrential rain, is especially vital for the health and luxury of your home.

Left unaddressed, the injury will result in mildew and a weakened structure. Despite the fact that it’s made from drywall, plaster, or another material, no ceiling is completely protected against the vagaries of water.

For this reason, it’s necessary to grasp the way to repair injury once it happens.

Here are some tips on what to do when you experience ceiling water damage:

  1. Stop the Source of the Water
  2. Dry the Ceiling (both above and below)
  3. Call Dalton Brothers restoration. 816-616-7667

Signs of a Water Damaged Ceiling:

  • Odors
  • Discolored Growths
  • Discolorations/Stains
  • Peeling Wall Surfaces

If your ceiling does not look to be very damaged or require any fixing, you may not assume that a lot of water leaked, however it does not take a lot of to create a disaster. the primary signs that your ceiling is at risk of falling are depressions around the fasteners. you will see tiny dimples forming on the ceiling because the drywall encompassing the nails or screws succumbs to gravity and starts to droop, leaving an inverted crater.

Precautions To Take.

If you see this happening, move all valuables and furnishings from the space in anticipation of a ceiling collapse.

If a bubble or droop seems within the drywall, water may well be ponding on the opposite side. Use a nail to punch a drain hole, permitting the water to flee. Capture it with a bucket.

water damage cleanup specialistTest the ceiling using your fingers. Poke at it. If it appears as resistant as drywall that has not gotten wet, you will have dodged the bullet.

However if the drywall appears soft or spongy, you are going to be best served by cutting out the broken section before it sags and probably falls. We cut very cautiously, as all types of wires, cables, water lines, heating pipes and so forth are often just on the opposite side.

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