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What does a water damage restoration contractor do? The first thing they would do is a full inspection of the damage and what had caused it. Dalton Brothers Restoration will use moisture sensors if there has been water seepage through walls. Dalton Brothers Restoration incorporates state of the art technology. Infrared thermal imaging cameras will locate areas of water saturation. Pint Storm 70 pro dehumidifiers will be used to pull moisture saturation levels down in flooded areas. Experts at Dalton Brothers will strategically place professional grade air scrubbers that will remove particles, gasses, and or chemicals from the air within a given area. The size and complexity of the scrubber will depend on the size of the space the water restoration is taking place.

Part of water damage restoration may involve repairs to walls, roofs, flooring or other structural components of the home that may be weakened by the flooding. Dalton Brothers does all repairs concerning your water damage claim. No need in finding different contractors to cover all the areas of repair a water damage claim can effect in your home. One call to Dalton Brothers does it all.  Unfortunately, some things can be expensive to repair such as ducts, HVAC systems, roofing, sewage and well systems, and the foundation. Some may need to be replaced if the damage is too extensive to repair, but the goal is to get your home back the way it was before the damage, or even make improvements that will prevent future problems. We do it right the first time.

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Dalton Brothers works with your insurance company
After a call to Dalton Brothers Water Restoration Service. The client can expect a water restoration specialist that will take note of what needs to be done to remove all the excess water, make any necessary repairs, and repair or remove damaged household items such as carpeting, furniture, electronics, and appliances. We will work with your insurance company adjusters with the understanding of this business to make sure your restoration is at 100% and safe for your family.. Dalton Brothers will explain the water restoration process to you. Clients will receive daily progress reports on air saturation levels, damage reports, estimates on the completion time frame. The client will receive high resolution pictures including macro images of the damaged area with before and after pictures of the water damaged areas.
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We are family owned and insured to work for you. We are a local water restoration company serving Kansas City Missouri, Overland Park Kansas, and the Johnson county surrounding. We can work with your insurance company making sure your restoration has your entire home covered. With or without insurance we can help!

Emergency Water Restoration Service

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For emergency water restoration in Kansas City Missouri, Overland Park Kansas, Johnson County surrounding simply fill out our contact form to start the water clean up process. You will receive a call back in 15 minutes, followed by an expert insured water restoration service at your front door in 1 hour. We will take it from there. Problem solved. Like it never happened. That’s the Dalton Brother’s way. 

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  • Our basement flooded with all this rain, My husband tried to clean it up, We ended up with mold, Dalton Brothers finished the job MOLD FREE! Thank you Mike! We will recommend you to anyone that has water issues for sure!

    Tina L.
  • After having a truck driver hit a water main with a pallet jack. CRAZY water flow. Dalton Brothers was able to remove the water! Dry my building! 4 days! These guys are the real deal!

    River Market Services
  • Fast Fair and Friendly, Mike Dalton explained everything to me, Something I did not get from the other estimates from any other Kansas city roofing company, we looked! Hands down Dalton Brothers fixed my hail damage! And worked with my insurance company... Great job guys! Looks GREAT!

    Jeff W.
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